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  • Sale! Chicken Math book cover

    Chicken Math


    Counting chickens is fun for all ages! Chicken Math helps the younger chicken keepers learn colors and counting while collecting chickens


  • childrens book bundle

    Childrens Book Bundle – Special Holiday Offer 2023


    Bundle of three childrens books. Tully the Bully by Wendy Anne Hunt Cisco’s Best Day by Cheryl Aker Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts by Janet Garman Book 1. Welcome to The Milkshake Chronicles and Milkshake the cow on Happy Acres. Milkshake loves her safe world. That is until a new arrival on the farm, shakes things up…

  • Sale! Cisco's best day

    Cisco’s Best Day


    Cisco’s Best Day by Cheryl Aker available November 2023.  PRE-ORDER NOW OPEN!  Books expected by 11-28-2023  Will ship all pre-orders immediately and in time for holiday shopping.

    Join Cisco as he solves the mystery of the missing calf. Cisco is always ready for an adventure and now he has the special skills to find the calf and save the day. If only his mom and dad will let him do what he does best.

  • Homestead Scratch Cooking bundle

    Cookbook Bundle


    Homestead Scratch Cooking and Homestead Scratch Cooking Desserts are a compilation of recipes from days gone by. Cook with fresh ingredients and learn to cook like your ancestors. Desserts cookbook is a PDF file, emailed to the email used at purchase. Please check your spam folders if you do not see the PDF file in…

  • Homestead Scratch Cooking


    Old handwritten family recipes, passed down for generations, receive a modern homestead twist in this beautiful new cookbook, Homestead Scratch Cooking with Timber Creek Farm. An heirloom collection of recipes, curated by Michelle Fraser and her mother, Janet Garman, remind us that we can always learn something new from the generations before us.

    Published in spiral-bound softcover, lay flat, wipe clean cover, and full color photos!

  • Keeping Sheep

    Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals


    Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals is a comprehensive and inspiring guide for small-scale fiber farming and wool crafting.

    Fiber crafts—such as knitting, weaving, and crocheting—continue to surge in popularity, with sites like Ravelry (a social media community for the wool obsessed) gaining more than six million members. Artists are seeking quality raw materials in greater numbers. The cottage industry of supplying not only raw fleece, but handcrafted yarns, is strong.

    Note** This title, Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals, was published by Skyhorse Publishing/Good Living Guide Imprint and authored by Janet Garman. Carried as a product on  Sawdust Publishing sales with permission from Janet Garman. Janet Garman has a small fiber flock (including Pygora fiber goats) and shares her expertise, as well as interviews, tips, and advice from fiber farmers and craftspeople across the country. In these pages, readers will learn the basics of properly raising sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and rabbits, with tips on selecting animals, feeding, housing, breeding, and healthcare. From there, instructions are provided for shearing, sorting, skirting, washing, picking, carding, combing, and spinning the wool. Enthusiasts will also find recipes and instructions for natural, plant-based dyes and advice for selling your finished yarn.

  • Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts

    Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts


    In Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts, a kind farmer gives two ducks, Margarita and Jimmy, a place on her farm. Margarita plans to thank the farmer in the only way she can do. But then the gifts go missing! What follows is a romp around the farmyard, and a search party, as the ducks try to keep a secret from the farmer, who is the only one who can help solve the mystery.

    Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts

  • Natural Dyes on Wool – A Journaling Workbook


    The beginner’s guide to natural dyes on wool workbook takes you step by step on the journey. The workbook format allows you to spread your wings and create dyes over and over again, as you refer back to your own formulas and modifications next to each provided recipe.

  • sheep care bundle

    Sheep Care Bundle


    Our sheep care bundle combines two best selling books on sheep care. The Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep by Rachel Hester, and Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals, by Janet Garman will cover a wide range of information about raising sheep on a small farm or homestead.
    See separate listings for each book to order just one. Build your farm library with our money saving bundle, available only for a limited time.

  • Sale! Dairy Sheep

    The Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep


    Pre- Order Pricing!  Order now and get the lowest price on The Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep. Written by Rachel Hester, this book gives you an insider look in detail of what it’s like to have a working sheep dairy farm. It doesn’t take a large flock to supply your family and others with enough sheep milk to thrive on.

  • Sale! Tully the Bully

    Tully the Bully


    Milkshake meets Tully the Bully!

    Welcome to The Milkshake Chronicles and Milkshake the cow on Happy Acres.

    Milkshake loves her safe world. That is until a new arrival on the farm, shakes things up in a not so nice way. Tag along as Milkshake figures out how to deal with Tully the Bully.

    Written by best selling author Wendy Anne Hunt, Tully the Bully is perfect for middle grade readers (grades 2-5) or as a family read along chapter book.

    You’ll be chuckling as you read through the bonus sections, too.

    Hunt has written an adorable fast paced early reader chapter book. The book includes helpful tips on the the subject of school age bullying and positive methods of resolving childhood conflicts.