The Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep

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Pre- Order Pricing!  Order now and get the lowest price on The Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep. Written by Rachel Hester, this book gives you an insider look in detail of what it’s like to have a working sheep dairy farm. It doesn’t take a large flock to supply your family and others with enough sheep milk to thrive on.



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The Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep, by Rachel Hester, is the full guide you need when considering sheep milk for your family. Sheep lend themselves easily to small family farms. Many breeds are excellent for producing meat, milk and wool fiber. There are alternatives to regular dairy and sheep are a wonderful choice. Read more in the Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep.

2 reviews for The Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep

  1. Izhanna Nash (verified owner)

    The best book for someone interested in dairy sheep, who has never had sheep before and has no idea how to start. I gained so much knowledge, and ideas. I can’t wait to get my own flock of dairy mutts.

  2. Kristin Tesdall (verified owner)

    This book is like a chat with a dear friend. Rachel’s mix of no-nonsense advice, encouragement, and humor make this an excellent and easy read for anyone who’s ever wanted to know more about dairy sheep. You’ll get a bit of history and science, some practical sheep husbandry tips, tried and true sheep milk recipes, and a whole lot of inspiration. I can’t recommend this one enough!

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